Equality under the law?


Is, I would argue, the founding and most important principle of our nation in the UK.

You see this isn’t just a matter of justice, it isn’t merely some abstract concept from Magna Carta and beyond that has lost it’s relevance. It isn’t even indeed about the law.

As one of the principles behind the United State’s Constitution, their declaration of independence and the cousin’s cultural similarity to us, ( even though they insist on playing girly rounders rather than manly cricket ) has profound strategic impacts even today.

And massive strategic advantages down the ages.

You see whether you were a pauper or a noble, advantaged or downtrodden, when it came to war and you were shoulder to shoulder with your countrymen on the field of battle his rights were your rights. Whether a toff, or even a scouser, heaven forbid ( they can’t whisper you know).


And therefore you will fight to the death to defend them.


It is I think one of the lost and forgotten aspects that allowed us to survive and flourish as a nation, often against overwhelming odds.

Whether we needed some archery practise against the froggies or the donkey squishers requiring their fleets destroyed, or Napoleon’s mob mincing up the hill for a daily dose of Brown Bess us English dudes ( with a hat tip to the Welsh, less so the haggis botherers) fought for a common cause against conscripts and people ordered to be there by their Lords..

They fought for the glory or dominion of their masters, we for each other.

But, but our Lords and masters were French after 1066 surely?


 1066 and all that…


Not particularly.. The Normans, oddly from Normandy, had more in common with many of our regions than you might realise. Normandy is afterall named after Northmen, or Norsemen… Vikings for shorthand.

The frogs became so sick of them raiding and kicking their butts up and down their coastline that they did a very french thing and capitulated, giving the Norsemen their land.

Check out the signatures on Magna Carta and you’ll see some famous family names which have probably become chinless Surrey types with large estates in the modern world. De Lacy, De Mowbray etc. Within 150 years years of those wascally Wuperts invading they were holding the King’s feet to fire to enshrine the Common Man’s rights into law. Which I would argue is a damnedly British sort of a thing to do.

Almost as British as beating the frogs.


Fast forward to the modern day…


And it is questionable whether Equality under the Law still exists in any realistic way.

As a bloke you are 3 times more likely to be convicted of a crime.

You are 6 times more likely to be sent to prison.

There are in fact 18 times as many men as women in prison. Mainly because men will on average receive 6.5 times more prison time than a woman for the same crime.

The deliberately misnamed 2010 Equalities act enshrined discrimination into law.


It’s a conspiracy theory!


And one promoted by the Ministry of Justice then.. Whose own report laid bare these facts, and all normalised for statistical gubbins and goodliness such as comparing the same offences and mitigating factors across the sexes.

But the current Minister, a cuckly crusader by the name of Gauk, has actually made it MoJ policy to only send women to prison in extreme circumstances.

What do you think would happen to you as a bloke should you attempt to ram your wife off the road three times, to chase her around 20mph speed limits at anything up to 90mph with three young children in the back of your car?

What if you actually wrote your own car off in the process? What if your last attempt was at the entrance to a motorway roundabout trying to force your missus into oncoming traffic?

If your answer to the above was a hundred quid fine and, “Driving without due care and attention” then maybe you need to pay more attention to matters of justice.

This was very much a thing even before Gauk’s appalling policy change.


 Such as the much maligned Tommy Robinson


Don’t forget chaps, his rights are your rights. And he has balls.

Someday it could be your daughter that he is fighting to protect. Or your Freedom of Speech that is threatened.

Having actually had the grace to watch the dude’s livestream before making my mind up I found it rather disconcerting that those convinced of his guilt clearly had not. And would not. After all, the Gruniad couldn’t possibly lie to them!

Whilst the appeal judge effectively said that he wasn’t arrested, tried, sentenced or imprisoned with due regard to process or justice I’m not expecting an apology from the feminised lawyers, BBC paed.. erm I mean presenters.. and cucks who decided to take me to task on Twitter for my heretical ideas.

Those little boys and shemales only knew that they could please their masters by turning up to the field of battle.

A bit like the French.


Don’t be like the French


Courage is contagious, said a man who has spent six years locked in the Venezuelan embassy.

He hasn’t seen his kids, which is something I can relate to, or the sun, or even suitably equipped doctors in many a year. Even the lentil eaters at the UN have decreed that his treatment is unjustifiable.

And all because he exercised free speech and journalism to the embarrassment of our government. Who continue to persecute him.

Now some of those Percys and other Norman lords might have ended up becoming a bit too french had they missed the boat to Hastings. They might have enjoyed the vassalage and over rated wine. And their sons might have ended up facing some uncouth peasants armed with nothing but longbows several generations later.

They chose the right path and became truly noble in nature, rather than merely name.

And so should you.



On pain and it’s uses…

An anecdote…


Back in 2008 I joined the Territorial Army with the intention of doing a tour of Afghanistan. As a 34 year old unfit computer geek who used to be picked last for almost all sports at school, and one who ran the 100m in close to 20 seconds even when fit, the infantry might have been an odd choice.

I was pretty good at swimming though my sporting prowess in purely physical terms ended there.

Within a year I was on pre-deployment training with a regular unit. And regular infantry units in the British Army are basically composed of young professional athletes who were picked first for sports at school.

To say that I struggled a bit would be an understatement, though whilst the injury rate from the brutal training was high I managed to scrape through. By the skin of my teeth.

And I’ve been pondering upon how…


Physical pain


Two particular parts of the training stand out. One was bayonet training at Catterick and the other the CO’s phys training late on in the pre-deployment training with the regular unit.

The former had little to do with bayonets. During 4 hours I only recall actually stabbing the straw dummy 5 times. The rest of the time we were crawling across permafrost and a small frozen lake during one of the coldest winters I have experienced, back and forth to a small tree about 300m away.

I think you can tell how tired someone is by how long it takes them to get up from the ground and I vividly recall younger fitter blokes staggering and falling back to the ground upon the call of, “Up!”.

Every time there was a perceived infraction in bayonetery we’d have to run round this tree, hitting the deck and crawling upon the call of, “Grenade!”. Many of these circuits were almost entirely crawled.

And in a course where about 120 blokes started and much less than 40 finished it was the knowledge that my Dad had completed similar beastings to earn his Green Beret that kept me going.

Quitting would have caused me emotional pain, even the thought of it did.


The Lake…


Nine months later and after months of marches with ever increasing weights on our backs, which resulted in over 5% casualties from serious back injuries alone, we had to complete the CO’s Friday fitness beasting.

As I recall this was about 14 miles up and down around a lake for the entire battalion with 85lbs inclusive of weapon and body armour. The advanced CFT fitness test is 8 miles on the flat with 50lbs… And I had a chest infection.

The 4 companies lead off staggered at half hour intervals and we were last to leave though eventually caught up to Bravos who were an hour ahead, with a great deal of doubling.

I have never been more knackered. Indeed my girlfriend gave me a massage that weekend as I could barely move, though I don’t mind wondering that the screams it produced didn’t result in a visit from the cops!

Both of these pushed me well beyond where I thought my physical limits were.


 Looking back though…


I think I had an unfair advantage.. Certainly not a superior physique, genetic brilliance, iron will or strength of character… Frankly I’m a pretty average IT geek.

Nope looking back when the intensity of training ramped up to extreme levels my thoughts were elsewhere.

You see a few weeks previously my girlfriend had miscarried. Which destroyed me. My hobby became staring at the floor to the extent that people started to think me a little cuckoo. Withdrawn, depressed and skittish only a few beers of an evening with the barmaid whose best friend had just died seemed to help.

Oh and Scott who had recently experienced similar emotional hardship after losing his penknife.

In addition I was confined to camp for some time, which enraged me as I wanted and needed to be with her. I couldn’t understand why they would confine me to camp…

The intensity of training had all sorts of odd effects upon the blokes with fairly few not displaying some signs of emotional distress. Odd things, often from their past and completely unrelated to their current situation. childhood experiences and old traumas seemed to surface.

Indeed I’d say there was a correlation between how well I perceive that they performed in Afghanistan and this. Those who handled things without any obvious problems simply seemed to have a higher capacity, at least in a military context anyway.

And looking back I wonder whether it was actually the emotional pain which blanked my own physical pain to the extent that I got through things which I had no right to expect, and whether those other blokes that struggled actually needed some emotional pain from their pasts to do similar.


Many years later…


Whilst the girlfriend had turned into the wife I always knew there had been something wrong about the entire episode. Something didn’t sit right..

And in the middle of one of her hair trigger rages she told me that she hadn’t miscarried but had in fact aborted. As she couldn’t stand the thought of me being killed out there.

Which, rewinding, must have put the Army in a very difficult situation. Help me dodge the immediate bullet of possibly finding out the truth, or letting me face a hail of bullets later.

The former would have been very bad, the latter my responsibility. I think they called it right.




So whilst I’m not some body building weirdo or sports star I do wonder whether emotional pain can be used.. Productively.

If you were to do something eminently silly such as going for a run without being paid for it can you run for longer and faster if you concentrate on emotional pain once the lactic acid starts to bite?

Does a skilled Sgt Major with his trusty shouting skills magically enhance the physical attributes of a bunch of blokes? On this I am pretty sure the answer is yes.

Does a skilled Geordie lamenting his beloved penknife have a similar effect? ( note: we were accidentally issued with two! Hence he was not entirely left bereft) This is an absolute certainty and I would hazard that anyone who considers going to war without a skilled Geordie is ill equipped.*

Indeed they say that all humour is based upon pain

Does emotional pain blank the physical in a bloke? And is it the opposite with the fairer sex?

A few experiments seem to indicate so though I would be interested in your own experience of trying out such or observations.


*Upon landing in Kandahar on our way to Bastion the tent, ISO container and concrete blast walls which were almost exclusively the building blocks of this vast dust city prompted the observations that, “It’s nicer than Middlesbrough like.”

*In a test of our first aid skills prior to being accepted into service we had a very realistic scenario with fans blowing dust around and someone pretending to be a leg amputee, complete with blood pump etc. Our instructions were to follow the BCD book by the letter, hence when the pretend victim whispered, “Don’t forget to put a dressing on the leg.” said chap said, “Oh right!” and started putting a field dressing on the amputated bit! Course the next line instructed him to reassure the casualty so… It looked as though he was tending to an amputated leg and telling it that it would be fine, just a scratch… Even recounting the story months later produced tears of laughter from the pretend casualty.



On cucks and cultural Marxism

The urban dictionary defines a cuck thus:

A man who is desperate for acceptance, approval, and affection from women. This desperation has led to the compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his dignity and self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what he deserves as a human being, eg. loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in a romantic relationship.

And we all know at least one of them. Usually the object of great ridicule and mickey taking down the pub but have you ever considered the political significance of the cuck?

Think back to the last time you bothered to watch anything but sport on the TV. Did you notice anything about the male characters whether real life or fictional?

If TV stereotypes are to be believed then you will either be a cuck of some varying degree, or a hapless idiot. Choose to raise a family for instance and the best thing that you can hope for, according to the media, is a Homer Simpson like existence, unless you go full cuck of course.

Dare to be religious and you’ll even get cucks in cassocks showing you the true light of righteousness. Two thousand year old doctrine be damned.


The political cuck


Whilst #browgate was and is hilarious one can only assume that Canuck stands for Canadian cuck, judging by their choice of leader.

Whilst we await the inevitable South Park episode it’s worth wondering how anyone ever took Justine seriously. How did a population that is presumably about 50% male vote for someone who clearly revels in taking an anti-male stance on any and every issue? And is a colossal asshat to boot?

The answer is simply that he was previously lost in the noise, it would be a challenge to name a single politician under the age of 50 who the word cuck does not apply to. They are however the amateurs, the copy cats of the cuck world.


The Great Cuck Repository


To find the true eunuchs and leaders of the pack, in an oxymoronic way, one must take to watch Parliamentary TV when a senior civil servant is questioned by a select committee. You can smell the grilled cuck a mile off, despite their shy and secretive nature. For the full virtue signalling, inability to answer a question, complete lack of balls and lickspittle smarminess just look for Knighthoods or other honours.

Whilst once given for acts of manliness it seems that Knighthoods are now either given for paperclip organisation skills or extreme cuckliness beyond the beck and call of feminist duty. Indeed the entire civil service operates as a hugely efficient cuckocracy where the most extreme rise to the top.

And there is a reason for this…


Cultural Marxism or the Frankfurt school


Most philosophers spend their time thinking of ways to make the world a better place. To make you richer, freer, more successful or your country more powerful. And in a free market place of ideas those philosophers who demonstrably have a track record of such clearly have an advantage.

There are exceptions, but they’re generally a bit French.

The Frankfurt school is different as it takes it’s inspiration from butthurt. Namely the Marxists who successfully created the conditions for the German proletariat to rise up and seize control after the First world War only for the lazy feckless bastards to… not bother.

To compound this butthurt they then went on to choose an Austrian national socialist with a dodgy tache, which didn’t work out too well.

Frankfurt school philosophy therefore resolved that the only aim was to prevent anyone with a dodgy tache taking power. It was and is designed exclusively as an anti-Nazi ideology.

Hence seeing as the old proletariat wasn’t up to the job they had to find a new one. Another group who could more easily be manipulated and who could control the means of production and all that Marxist whatnot. And they did.


Out with the old proletariat, in with the new.


Whilst your average prole is more interested in getting his end away and the quality and price of beer than politics there is a group of malcontents who are interested in neither.

The paperclip shufflers in every government, admin and HR department. Whilst the local massage parlours may lay mattresses on the pool tables and double time their staff should a new office open, the heady mix of ready cash and low self esteem that characterises the Civil Service is very profitable. Their chances of being distracted otherwise by non paperclip related issues are slim.

And they indirectly control and regulate everything.

Hence rather than having to convince anyone that your ideology is sound or useful you can merely pass it chunk by chunk in pointless EU rules and regulations. Those implementing and enforcing the regulations become Marxists over time purely by dint of their exposure. Those who are particularly susceptible, those who understand it, rise to the top. The cucks.

This is why the Frankfurt school philosophy sits at the heart of the EU. Whilst the civil servants think they work for the Crown they spend the vast majority of their time implementing or enforcing EU rules and regulations. How then are they not a mere extension of the EU Commission?

They love to blame new EU rules for their cockups and bungling but have you ever considered how much time they actually spend figuring out ways to do something despite these rules and regulations?

Take Olly Robbins, the shadowy bureaucrat at the heart of the Brexit fiasco. A committed Marxist even before joining the Civil Service he rose to the top remarkably quickly.

One might even be predisposed to think that his mindset and ideology helped him on his path to promotion.


But it’s the politician’s fault!


How so? True enough that many act like mere Gauleiters however these tend to be Ministers who are constrained by the advice given by the Senior Civil Servants. The more experienced the minister the more cuckly they become.

Those rules and regulations pass through parliament faster than a dodgy vindaloo and with less scrutiny.

It’s true that the politicians are technically responsible though even that appears to no longer be the case. Take David Davis who resigned recently, the first time he saw the Brexit White Paper was on the morning of the Chequers meeting, along with all the other Ministers.

And he was supposedly the democratically appointed Minister responsible. Difficult to be responsible for something that you haven’t even seen.

The MP’s had to wait a further week.

Hence clearly policy is formed by a cuckly cabal who’ve demonstrated their proclivity to Marxist thought by being promoted to the top.

Frankly this is a constitutional crisis right at the heart of Government, but one conducted mainly in the shadows.

Shame, grace and reputation.

As my last post was about rape probably worth discussing how not to be raped. And no, we won’t be discussing male chastity belts or avoiding areas where a violent homosexual might happen to be lurking. Despite the feminist propaganda, such things are highly unlikely.

First off, if a Perfect Rapist enters your life, and especially if you have a family and children, there is nothing unmanly about running for the hills. Just remember to take your family with you. You wouldn’t be alone, hundreds flee to Southern Ireland every year to get away from the feminist police, the SS, and their abuse.




The very antithesis of feminism, one could easily argue that the religions of the last 2000 years have been busily teaching grace in their various ways, and that they only differ in their interpretations of such, only to roll over and die as soon as a blue haired harridan started spouting her filth. That organised religion has abandoned the masses to such a fate should shame them immeasurably. We’ll come back to this.

By grace I am speaking about the mental quality, rather than that of being graceful in movement. Namely the ability to think well of others. Summing the bible up in one line could be done as, “The old Testament showed that laws alone were not enough, to live together people had to embrace grace in their interpersonal dealings.”

There you go, I just saved you a Theology degree. Not that you wanted one.

Feminists however have almost utterly destroyed the concept. And quite deliberately too. If you find a feminist about as sexy as a rotting mackerel then it’s probably because you realise that grace is a function of objective beauty.

Oh and you are sane.

Studies show that conservatives are more attractive, and the retention of grace is a part of this.

So some fucknut is writing a blog telling blokes to be more graceful? Fuck no, I’m saying you should look for it in your women. And here’s why…




Your reputation is important in forming all relationships. Whether friends, family or something more porkable. You were born naked and with no possessions, bar your name. Even your first name came later. If you harm your name you not only harm your wider family, you also make it more difficult to form the sort of relationships you want.

If you want your reputation to be one of a conquistador of women then don’t be surprised if the one you actually really want views you as a human urinal. Then again Mr goody two shoes is unlikely to get much pussy. You makes your choice, but what of when you have no choice?

Let’s say you made the mistake of dating a feminist. You know she hates men but you reckon the power of your pork sword will wow her into admiration and respect.


Feminists one and only identifying feature is a complete lack of grace. Every man is a rapist, every Muslim a gang rapist and every structure, society, alien race or star against them. But you’re different? Please don’t kid yourself.

The one and only guarantee is that she’s slagging you off behind your back. She will be harming your reputation because she is incapable of thinking well of anyone or anything. And that’s before the two of you break up for whatever reason…

Take the hot crazy matrix and realise that even a Unicorn is going to jump occasionally to 10. When they do will they be talking fondly of you?

Now imagine a Tiffany, hairdresser or suchlike. Minus 5 for anyone or thing lacking grace and you’ll be much safer in the long run, no matter how big their tits or bottle blonde their hair.

That bottle blonde who looks as though she spends all her money on cosmetics will be spending your money on them too, and she thinks she’s entitled to do so.

If a women harms your reputation through gossip or deed then dump em. Make it a line in the sand, a boundary. I can guarantee it isn’t the only form of relational aggression she’ll be using.

Play life as a game of enhancing your reputation and you’re on the right track. That means avoiding borderlines, feminists and other scumbags like the plague.




Is usually the thing that drives us. To addiction, to success and to self discovery eventually.

Realise that shame will often not be your fault. In the blue pill world you’ll be presented with situations where you have to eat the lesser of two shit sandwiches. Often too.

Being born into a dysfunctional family, especially where you are shamed for your needs, might lead you to either boom or bust. Yep, even those A grade highly achieving twats are probably motivated by shame as well.

If you have an addiction, it’s probably related to some shame that you can’t put your finger on. Porn, video games, work, drugs, beer. Whatever. Some forms of shame indeed are inherited.

More importantly, for the purposes of not being raped, is to avoid anyone who uses shame to control you. Particularly other blokes.

At the end of the day any young dude has been badly let down by his previous generations. Merely in monetary terms a boy born today in the UK saddles his part of £2 trillion of debt, and as blokes work 600 million hours a year to women’s 400 million it’s an unfair share of the burden. Bugger all of that £2 trillion was spent on your future, rather on other people’s pasts.

If he is going to be one of the decreasing number of blokes to go to University he’ll have to go into massive debt and will probably never own his own house. He will spend far less on himself than an equivalent woman does and pay more tax.

If that young dude is a Muslim then he’s going to be blamed for feminism’s crimes, excluded, scapegoated and probably mocked.

Previous generations, even the priesthood themselves, have allowed the antireligion of feminism to hold sway over every aspect of a young dudes life, you’ll do worse in school, probably have to work in a 3D job and face discrimination at every turn.

Don’t let others control you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ascribe blame and shame to those who deserve it.


Lets talk about Rape

And no, I don’t necessarily mean the physical act. Or Rotherham, Telford and the other areas where the social services have allowed and enabled organised mass pedophilic rape to occur. Though we will come back to this.. Particularly the omerta or silence regarding it.

I’m talking about the other meaning and how it applies to blokes, defined by dictionary.com as..

3. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation:

the rape of the countryside.

So how do you rape a bloke?

How do you abuse, plunder or violate a man? Physical rape is one aspect of this however I wonder whether it is necessarily wrong to equate this to other forms.

I would posit that any man who has been to one of the secret family courts in the UK has likely been raped. Not by being overpowered by a violent homosexual hiding in a cupboard, but by the state.

For instance take Pete Middleton’s 2014 documentary Traffic. Which is rather deliberately difficult to get hold of. Whilst it is listed on Amazon for just £84.99 the reviews relate to the Benicio Del Toro movie of the same name.

It contains a harrowing scene shot on a mobile phone where the police lie to gain entry to a man’s house, and then rip his new born baby from it’s mother’s arms. As a bloke he couldn’t have done more to protect his family, yet it was violated and abused. He was raped.

Traffic 2014 extract

Indeed take all of the victims who contributed footage and their stories to the making of that film. They were raped, raped by the state. Their families abused and despoiled. Often by violent seizure too.

It takes a remarkably brave man to speak out about such things, to tell their stories. They don’t do it for sympathy or the protective cloak of victimhood that women enjoy, merely to warn others of dangers to their own families.

In order to do so they relive their violation. They deserve our compassion and gratitude for doing so.

What do we value?

In order to plunder, despoil or violate it’s worth considering what we, as blokes, value the most. The greater the value to ourselves, the greater the violation.

If cars were what we valued most then the deliberate keying of a man’s car would be the greatest violation, for instance. Outside of those who endlessly watch repeats of Top Gear on Dave this probably isn’t relevant.

I would suggest that the one thing men value above all other things is our relationships. Whether that be friends, family or intimate ones. In order to form relationships your reputation plays a key part. If you have a reputation for being a scumbag then you will struggle. Especially in intimate relationships.

Indeed there is much evidence that men value their intimate relationships far more than women do. Take the following from Dr Tom Golden on relational aggression..

Relational Aggression

As men tend to initiate relationships with women they take relational aggression as a serious threat, though not a personal threat. It therefore slips under the radar in most cases.

Logically if most relational aggression is from women, then it shows that they value the relationship less, though can use the threat of as a means to control. If the relationship ends they will be chased, wined and dined by other blokes. For the bloke they would have to chase, wine and dine.

Most people would agree that a man’s rightful role is to protect his family and to ( at least help) provide for it. Knowing about relational aggression is one step to enable you to do the former; to spot trouble early and prevent it from escalating, potentially into third party abuse.

The Rape epidemic(s)

Do we live in a society where men are the victims of rape? Emphatically yes! In fact it is institutionalised and even celebrated.

Take divorce. From blue skies and on a clear day a man’s wife tells him that she wants a divorce. She has been carrying on an affair unbeknownst to him ( itself an act of relational aggression) and wants to leave him. What are his prospects?

Well going from loving and providing for his family to the stress and torment of divorce proceedings is bad enough. He will more than likely lose his house, have to pay a large part of his wages to the Child Support Agency and will also have his reputation damaged.

Worst of all she will get custody of the children and he will be allowed to ‘visit’ them on weekends. Which is an obscenity. He will be stripped of his right to protect his family and expected merely to provide money.

Note the role of the state here in providing third party abuse. Whilst faultless he will lose his children and most of his possessions and be compelled by the state to comply with the woman’s wishes.

He has been raped. That which he prized most, his familial relationship, has been defiled, violated and abused. Let’s call it what it is.

The only fault here is his wife’s infidelity and relational aggression.

And you wondered why the MGTOW community was growing exponentially..

I can only imagine how a man who is the victim of wrongful paternity feels. Violated? Abused? Almost certainly.

What of a man wrongfully accused of sexual harassment, domestic violence, domestic abuse or even racism? The very accusation of such is rather abusive in my view, not to mention violating his reputation. He might be plundered of his job based upon merely an accusation of the former.

And of his relationship. His wife and kids moved to a domestic violence shelter and eventually rehoused elsewhere. It is an act of rape facilitated by the state.

How dare you! That isn’t proper rape!

Quite. It’s worse.

If I had a choice between being the victim of a violent homosexual or having my family destroyed, children taken into care and reputation wrecked I’d almost certainly, and reluctantly, take one for the team. I wouldn’t be buying Bubba any flowers afterwards but at least that which I prize most would be safe.

Do you think the victims of social services would prize their anal virginity above the safety of their families? Granted there are almost 90,000 children in care and rising, hence almost certainly not enough violent male homosexuals to go around if there were such a perverse choice.

How many social workers are there though?

The Perfect Rapist.

If you were to design the perfect rapist would it look like Bubba just after the prison lights went out or the soap slipped out of your hand in the shower?

Or something else? If you gave the problem to an engineer, what would he come up with?

Let’s say we take one of those awful blue haired creatures you always see on the news protesting about something or other. The butch looking man hating mastodons with cankles always shrieking in someone’s face. Curiously enough they’re usually social workers on the sick.

Let’s give them legal immunity from defamation such that they can lie and destroy reputations at will. Then let’s, as part of their training, indoctrinate them in radical feminism. All men are rapists and all women are victims.

Let’s then make it financially advantageous to their employers that they seek children to snatch and get teachers and the wider public to unknowingly tip them off to situations where they might find it easier. Pay for every penny out of central government funds, such that it costs a local authority nothing. I say easier as I doubt any family no matter how well grounded or loving could survive their malign presence.

Then let’s set up a system of secret courts where ‘justice’ cannot be overseen. Where abuses cannot be covered by the media and even the mention of such could lead to jail.

Well it wouldn’t work… Clearly if said blue haired mastodon perjured themselves repeatedly then someone would notice. It would be their word against the families.

So, let’s call them professionals!

No matter how slovenly or illiterate if we call them professionals and direct the secret courts to give more weight to their testimony than anyone else’s then…. Yes, I think we’ve got it…. Might well be the Perfect Rapist.

Marketing the Perfect Rapist

A good engineer however will ensure that his product is easy to replicate, such that the company producing it can grow.

Well if we want the Perfect Rapist to really succeed then we need to justify their existence. We also need to ensure they are cheap to make. Noone is going to demand more Perfect Rapists just on a whim, and sales is all about establishing a need. Marketing it to the public too and making it an ever expanding industry..

Quite a problem!

Making them cheap is simple enough. The lure of professional status with the lowest entry requirements of any profession should see to that. Hopefully should attract the sociopathic, socially inept, the slobs and the craven.

To establish a need though we are going to need some help. It’s unlikely that people will order the Perfect Rapist from amazon so let’s fire some binmen and charge Perfect Rapists to the taxpayer.

Now if we open our borders to people from cultures hostile to our way of life… and ignore any rapes or crimes they commit then we can say we need Perfect Rapists to protect the very children we are allowing to be raped!

Genius. Perfect engineering.

But, what about whistleblowers?

Our engineer has thought of this, he taps his pipe knowingly, smirks and asks, “What whistleblowers?”

What of the children being raped? They will complain, obviously..

“Ah”, says the engineer, “You haven’t thought it through. We’ll call them racist for complaining. And they’ll be complaining to the Perfect Rapists. People tend to forget that political correctness is a feminist theory of social change.”

Ok, the press and TV stations… Newspapers, the media?

“Staffed mainly by feminists these days old sport. Feminists don’t criticise other feminists, in fact I think you’ll find many of them running stories about how we need more Perfect Rapists to stop the actual rapists. If they mention it at all..”

Social Workers themselves? What about when they retire, move jobs, what if they speak out?

“Hmmm.. There won’t be many, not even a handful” says the engineer. “When their main job is stealing children and they’ve perjured themselves silly to do so they aren’t going to speak against their former employers. Are they now?”.

But… People will notice. People will realise that something is wrong!

“You think? If anything…”, he says lighting his pipe, “..they’ll notice young children being raped by beastly men. Which is a great recruiting sergeant for feminism. All blokes being nasty violent rapists etc.”

Surely the police will do something? Child protection officers and the like?

The engineer shrugs, “Maybe, some. The few males ones. Not many though. You are a bloke and I’m sure you laugh if someone gets hit in the happy sack. Natural reaction, they are a genetic competitor. Course you think all women are princesses who wouldn’t view another woman’s reproductive organs as competitors in the gene pool.. We’ll see.”

This is monstrous. Despicable. An outrage!

“No,” says the engineer whimsically, “This is the UK”.