Joined at the wound, our mother’s inflicted
Joined at the hip, or you preferably fisted
We are peas in a pod, a copy and paste
Though you did the copy, and me the replace

That controlling V, a once powerful tool
Which you wield as a weapon, the only true you
The rest is a sham, the past is all lies
Concocted on the fly to patch remorseless byes

We orbit and argue, you ran away, that grates
Magnetically attracted till narcissistic fates
I give you supply, returned with false hope
That sex is a cure for this malicious trope

But there’s always another, a backup man
One with money, or status even if trans!?!
Emotional flashbacks haunt my waking life
If only I could understand all of your strife

I thought it was me, my Afghanistan tour
That turned you into a Zombie, ghosts and more
I figured it out though, not me or mine
Was your sons’ refusal to follow your decline

Poor Alex abandoned, ignored or ignoring?
And Henry simply refused to be boring
Slung you out, your own home on a whim
Starved the attention your inheritance bereft him

And what of me, this experienced narc victim
Blamed himself like a clueless naive bumpkin
I propped you up at that time in your life
When you should have crashed, true self reflection in sight

Now you are better, a choice use of words
Self preservation won, others treated as turds
Those children that haunt you, you think they are ghosts
They craved your attention, you your own reflection most.

Incapable of remorse, your life swinging and coke
your fanny a bucket an elephant once smote
Parlour games are meant played my dear, not paid
Though I think you found your niche, getting laid.

Four narcs in a courtroom, Lustitia cried
Who could untangle these perjurous lies?
The ghosts that haunt you, your children’s ignored cries
Frequencies which on reflection, whips and toys cauterise.

A generational curse, handed down from Tredegar
Our children in care, lied to and eager
To see their Daddy, though you aren’t so keen
The narcissist’s gene self replicates it seems.

And they do not know he is frustrated and barred
So think themselves unloved, alienated and tarred
With the same disease which made you who you are
A narc for a mother and an absent father.

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