Equality under the law?


Is, I would argue, the founding and most important principle of our nation in the UK.

You see this isn’t just a matter of justice, it isn’t merely some abstract concept from Magna Carta and beyond that has lost it’s relevance. It isn’t even indeed about the law.

As one of the principles behind the United State’s Constitution, their declaration of independence and the cousin’s cultural similarity to us, ( even though they insist on playing girly rounders rather than manly cricket ) has profound strategic impacts even today.

And massive strategic advantages down the ages.

You see whether you were a pauper or a noble, advantaged or downtrodden, when it came to war and you were shoulder to shoulder with your countrymen on the field of battle his rights were your rights. Whether a toff, or even a scouser, heaven forbid ( they can’t whisper you know).


And therefore you will fight to the death to defend them.


It is I think one of the lost and forgotten aspects that allowed us to survive and flourish as a nation, often against overwhelming odds.

Whether we needed some archery practise against the froggies or the donkey squishers requiring their fleets destroyed, or Napoleon’s mob mincing up the hill for a daily dose of Brown Bess us English dudes ( with a hat tip to the Welsh, less so the haggis botherers) fought for a common cause against conscripts and people ordered to be there by their Lords..

They fought for the glory or dominion of their masters, we for each other.

But, but our Lords and masters were French after 1066 surely?


 1066 and all that…


Not particularly.. The Normans, oddly from Normandy, had more in common with many of our regions than you might realise. Normandy is afterall named after Northmen, or Norsemen… Vikings for shorthand.

The frogs became so sick of them raiding and kicking their butts up and down their coastline that they did a very french thing and capitulated, giving the Norsemen their land.

Check out the signatures on Magna Carta and you’ll see some famous family names which have probably become chinless Surrey types with large estates in the modern world. De Lacy, De Mowbray etc. Within 150 years years of those wascally Wuperts invading they were holding the King’s feet to fire to enshrine the Common Man’s rights into law. Which I would argue is a damnedly British sort of a thing to do.

Almost as British as beating the frogs.


Fast forward to the modern day…


And it is questionable whether Equality under the Law still exists in any realistic way.

As a bloke you are 3 times more likely to be convicted of a crime.

You are 6 times more likely to be sent to prison.

There are in fact 18 times as many men as women in prison. Mainly because men will on average receive 6.5 times more prison time than a woman for the same crime.

The deliberately misnamed 2010 Equalities act enshrined discrimination into law.


It’s a conspiracy theory!


And one promoted by the Ministry of Justice then.. Whose own report laid bare these facts, and all normalised for statistical gubbins and goodliness such as comparing the same offences and mitigating factors across the sexes.

But the current Minister, a cuckly crusader by the name of Gauk, has actually made it MoJ policy to only send women to prison in extreme circumstances.

What do you think would happen to you as a bloke should you attempt to ram your wife off the road three times, to chase her around 20mph speed limits at anything up to 90mph with three young children in the back of your car?

What if you actually wrote your own car off in the process? What if your last attempt was at the entrance to a motorway roundabout trying to force your missus into oncoming traffic?

If your answer to the above was a hundred quid fine and, “Driving without due care and attention” then maybe you need to pay more attention to matters of justice.

This was very much a thing even before Gauk’s appalling policy change.


 Such as the much maligned Tommy Robinson


Don’t forget chaps, his rights are your rights. And he has balls.

Someday it could be your daughter that he is fighting to protect. Or your Freedom of Speech that is threatened.

Having actually had the grace to watch the dude’s livestream before making my mind up I found it rather disconcerting that those convinced of his guilt clearly had not. And would not. After all, the Gruniad couldn’t possibly lie to them!

Whilst the appeal judge effectively said that he wasn’t arrested, tried, sentenced or imprisoned with due regard to process or justice I’m not expecting an apology from the feminised lawyers, BBC paed.. erm I mean presenters.. and cucks who decided to take me to task on Twitter for my heretical ideas.

Those little boys and shemales only knew that they could please their masters by turning up to the field of battle.

A bit like the French.


Don’t be like the French


Courage is contagious, said a man who has spent six years locked in the Venezuelan embassy.

He hasn’t seen his kids, which is something I can relate to, or the sun, or even suitably equipped doctors in many a year. Even the lentil eaters at the UN have decreed that his treatment is unjustifiable.

And all because he exercised free speech and journalism to the embarrassment of our government. Who continue to persecute him.

Now some of those Percys and other Norman lords might have ended up becoming a bit too french had they missed the boat to Hastings. They might have enjoyed the vassalage and over rated wine. And their sons might have ended up facing some uncouth peasants armed with nothing but longbows several generations later.

They chose the right path and became truly noble in nature, rather than merely name.

And so should you.



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