Shame, grace and reputation.

As my last post was about rape probably worth discussing how not to be raped. And no, we won’t be discussing male chastity belts or avoiding areas where a violent homosexual might happen to be lurking. Despite the feminist propaganda, such things are highly unlikely.

First off, if a Perfect Rapist enters your life, and especially if you have a family and children, there is nothing unmanly about running for the hills. Just remember to take your family with you. You wouldn’t be alone, hundreds flee to Southern Ireland every year to get away from the feminist police, the SS, and their abuse.




The very antithesis of feminism, one could easily argue that the religions of the last 2000 years have been busily teaching grace in their various ways, and that they only differ in their interpretations of such, only to roll over and die as soon as a blue haired harridan started spouting her filth. That organised religion has abandoned the masses to such a fate should shame them immeasurably. We’ll come back to this.

By grace I am speaking about the mental quality, rather than that of being graceful in movement. Namely the ability to think well of others. Summing the bible up in one line could be done as, “The old Testament showed that laws alone were not enough, to live together people had to embrace grace in their interpersonal dealings.”

There you go, I just saved you a Theology degree. Not that you wanted one.

Feminists however have almost utterly destroyed the concept. And quite deliberately too. If you find a feminist about as sexy as a rotting mackerel then it’s probably because you realise that grace is a function of objective beauty.

Oh and you are sane.

Studies show that conservatives are more attractive, and the retention of grace is a part of this.

So some fucknut is writing a blog telling blokes to be more graceful? Fuck no, I’m saying you should look for it in your women. And here’s why…




Your reputation is important in forming all relationships. Whether friends, family or something more porkable. You were born naked and with no possessions, bar your name. Even your first name came later. If you harm your name you not only harm your wider family, you also make it more difficult to form the sort of relationships you want.

If you want your reputation to be one of a conquistador of women then don’t be surprised if the one you actually really want views you as a human urinal. Then again Mr goody two shoes is unlikely to get much pussy. You makes your choice, but what of when you have no choice?

Let’s say you made the mistake of dating a feminist. You know she hates men but you reckon the power of your pork sword will wow her into admiration and respect.


Feminists one and only identifying feature is a complete lack of grace. Every man is a rapist, every Muslim a gang rapist and every structure, society, alien race or star against them. But you’re different? Please don’t kid yourself.

The one and only guarantee is that she’s slagging you off behind your back. She will be harming your reputation because she is incapable of thinking well of anyone or anything. And that’s before the two of you break up for whatever reason…

Take the hot crazy matrix and realise that even a Unicorn is going to jump occasionally to 10. When they do will they be talking fondly of you?

Now imagine a Tiffany, hairdresser or suchlike. Minus 5 for anyone or thing lacking grace and you’ll be much safer in the long run, no matter how big their tits or bottle blonde their hair.

That bottle blonde who looks as though she spends all her money on cosmetics will be spending your money on them too, and she thinks she’s entitled to do so.

If a women harms your reputation through gossip or deed then dump em. Make it a line in the sand, a boundary. I can guarantee it isn’t the only form of relational aggression she’ll be using.

Play life as a game of enhancing your reputation and you’re on the right track. That means avoiding borderlines, feminists and other scumbags like the plague.




Is usually the thing that drives us. To addiction, to success and to self discovery eventually.

Realise that shame will often not be your fault. In the blue pill world you’ll be presented with situations where you have to eat the lesser of two shit sandwiches. Often too.

Being born into a dysfunctional family, especially where you are shamed for your needs, might lead you to either boom or bust. Yep, even those A grade highly achieving twats are probably motivated by shame as well.

If you have an addiction, it’s probably related to some shame that you can’t put your finger on. Porn, video games, work, drugs, beer. Whatever. Some forms of shame indeed are inherited.

More importantly, for the purposes of not being raped, is to avoid anyone who uses shame to control you. Particularly other blokes.

At the end of the day any young dude has been badly let down by his previous generations. Merely in monetary terms a boy born today in the UK saddles his part of £2 trillion of debt, and as blokes work 600 million hours a year to women’s 400 million it’s an unfair share of the burden. Bugger all of that £2 trillion was spent on your future, rather on other people’s pasts.

If he is going to be one of the decreasing number of blokes to go to University he’ll have to go into massive debt and will probably never own his own house. He will spend far less on himself than an equivalent woman does and pay more tax.

If that young dude is a Muslim then he’s going to be blamed for feminism’s crimes, excluded, scapegoated and probably mocked.

Previous generations, even the priesthood themselves, have allowed the antireligion of feminism to hold sway over every aspect of a young dudes life, you’ll do worse in school, probably have to work in a 3D job and face discrimination at every turn.

Don’t let others control you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ascribe blame and shame to those who deserve it.



3 thoughts on “Shame, grace and reputation.

  1. 3 D Jobs is a great description. This blog is great Chaffers. I am surprised there are so few comments on the other hand not as it must be shadowbanned to fuck and back #MeToo


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