I hear Tommy this, and Tommy that, and Tommy damn your soul.

But its “Thank you Mr Atkins” when they open the election poll.

When they open the poll my dear, betrayal an abject surety.

No satisfaction of instinct, demeaning my tribal loyalty.


I hear women this, and women that, and women don’t you care?

But it’s silence of the lambs when a man’s rights are in the snare.

Your rights are in the snare my dear? Cup and rejoice the angry tear.

No satisfaction of instinct, revenge proscribed by cold breasted Lear.


I hear Justice this, and Justice that, and Justice can’t you see?

Tone deaf to alienated fathers, sickly joyous to paedophiles free.

The paedophiles should be free my dear, ’tis mere sexuality?

No satisfaction of instinct, but death to cultural perpetuity.


 I hear refugees this, and refugees that, we are a caring nationality.

But it’s “Back of the Line” for thee and thine towards the state’s hospitality.

Our hospitality my dear, our money not for the builders of yore.

No satisfaction of instinct, in mocking the dignity of the poor.


I hear religion this, and religion that, fairy stories they do declare.

From those wih no sense of communitas, souless cucks the new debonair.

Welby is debonair my Dear, preach race baiting not christianity.

No satisfaction of instinct, in a cult of individuality.


They’ll sing Tommy this and Tommy that when the war cloud thunder tolls.

But frankly you see, that my enemies, all appear to be at home.

My enemys are all at home my dear, Johnny foreigner done nowt to me.

No satisfaction of instinct, in protecting that which hates, subjugates me.


I hear leaders this and leaders that, but leaders I just don’t see.

Woke cultists preaching feminism to the deficit, off tune, of me.

To the deficit of me my dear, might as well shit on my family tree.

No satisfaction of instinct, in this liberal democracy.

New Wokel Army

The future’s bleak, fresh war and strife.

Deploy, defend some country with your life?

But who to send, vanquish industrialised fear?

Don’t fret, Knights aplenty do live here!


A sacred vow of defence and honour

Time immemorial, the Monarch’s follower

Where she commands, they will obey.

Actors, our betters, will enemies slay.


No fleet or tanks, they will be seen.

Prius and Tesla, one must be green.

And Dames, so as not to sexist mong

Wield the bayonet, show equalitys strong.


 Platoon of cricket, Company celebrity Chefs

Division Foreign Office maul with grisly zest

With chins absent, graceless and queer.

Pity the enemy, and victory cheer.


 Reduce the army, no plebian pounds spend.

Send the ‘elite’, whose proclivities trend!

To lend honour to their vision of society.

Bravery undoubted, in the annals of hilarity.


The noble garter, orders of Empire still

Leap unto the breach, battlecries shrill.

Don’t mock, these of aristocratic affinity.

Their gongs are awarded for masculinity!

The Ages Rhyme

The cult of shrews, no fella will do

Less comprador cucks do kneel and bow.

Confuses the masses, outraged but passive

No agency unless a clown.

 Vote for me, ignorant plebian that be

Unwise to the preselected drones.

Whether left or right, you aren’t so bright

Disciples both with wokery well honed


Taxes raised, by zealots depraved

Religious bigotry the Treasury’s goal.

And atheists like thee, BBC virtue will see

Choose between the yoke or on the dole.

No religion remains, the Bible disdained

Priests, pastors the cult instead promote

Intersectionality, logic is unjust banality

Critical race theory preached to provoke.


The sect of thee, is plain to see.

Dictated! Assumed guilt of feminist foes.

White men obviously, bottom of the tree

Buy indulgences! Soothe Greta’s woes.

Fair England’s history, a civil war I see

The Protestants against the Pope.

In modernity, a Maoist insurgency

Cloaked in the language of woke.


Money overseas, don’t say missionaries

Spread the sermon of bras that burned

Confused yet? You will be, till you see

That the Dark ages have indeed returned.

The End of History and the last ( correctly coloured) Vagina.

Where we are.

329 years ago there was a spot of bother in Salem, Massacheussets. The witch trials, and their dramatisation in ‘The Crucible’, have become rightly famous. Afterall the absurdity of good people losing their lives due to immature women claiming invisible injury and redress due to mere words being spoken couldn’t have any modern parallels?

Meanwhile in 2021 the Hate Crime ( Mysogyny ) Bill is working it’s way through Parliament. Should it pass then immature women will be able to claim injury and redress due to mere words being spoken.

At least Abigail Williams and the other Salem accusers claimed that the words were maliciously targetting them directly, rather than merely their identity politics grouping of nutcases and weirdos.

This isn’t exactly progress in my humble opinion, though such is not shared by Nottinghamshire Constabulary who carried out the misogyny survey whose findings informed the Bill above, totalling a couple of hundred instances over 2 years. Misogyny being defined by them as including…

  • Unwanted or uninvited physical or verbal contact or engagement;
  • Sexually graphic and explicit obscene language;
  • Use of mobile devices to send unwanted or uninvited messages or take photographs without consent.

So sending a feminist an univited message consisting of, “Fucking hell, look at these shoes, you’d look great in them!” Could have resulted in two separate misogynistic hate crime instances. Mentioning such to them in person could add the further incident of speaking to without being spoken to first. Taking a photo to show them how they’d look in said shoes might indeed result in the death penalty being applied if we regress just a little further.

Modern Heresy?

Course we don’t burn witches anymore, Salem represented the back end of witch related prosecutions and the religious fervour that such depended upon slowly drained away over the succeeding years and decades. The very thought of burning childless social misfits with an excess of cats and a graceless manner was already seen as a tadge excessive in Europe. Sadly.

They were simpler times, though tempting to think better in some ways. I doubt for instance that the good people of Nottinghamshire would have considered that Parliamentary time was wisely used in protecting them and their feelings from 100 potentially naughty words per year. The Nine Years War against the frogs might have been deemed slightly more important, and somewhat more likely to result in injury.

Unless, maybe, those words were Heresy. In 17th Century Nottinghamshire norms of behaviour would have been governed by religion, hence Heresy might have caused enough offence to demand prosecutions.

Or, of course, rightly in my opinion, had those words been french.

So what comes first, the behaviour or the Religion?

Some time back in pre-history some apes decided to pair bond, to get married, rather than to shag everything and see what happened. Maybe it was a small troop, and when one couple decided that there should be no monkey business with Colin the rest were almost compelled to follow. The result was seen to be good.. The male ape knew which children were his and didn’t have to fight off suitors; troop society was considerably less violent which allowed a safer environment for nurturing the young.

The female could start complaining about the colour of the trees and nagging that shoes be invented such that she could imitate a millipede by collecting them.

And thus Charles Darwin’s theory of sexual selection happened. Many orders of magnitude faster than mere evolution. The Apes began to adapt to the enviroment considerably more quickly than their competing troops, and eventually morphed into proto-humans.

They taught their children that monkey business behind the yet to be invented bike sheds was bad, that marriage was good. Maybe that the boogeyman would get them if they monkeyed around, that good things would happen if they didn’t. That the tree good would reward them.

I doubt there is any human behaviour more closely linked to religion than marriage in it’s various worldly guises. But clearly the behaviour comes first, the religion then codifies the genetically complex but advantageous rules in a mere good versus bad structure. In a way that even a child can understand and be taught.

Colin on the other hand, not so much. He preferred subduing females, wasn’t interested in the time investment needed to nurture children and didn’t really care for marriage. Seeing other Apes monkeying around with his female Ape excited him. He wanted to continue being a monkey.

Don’t be like Colin.

How did we get here?

So with spells being cast against entire swathes of the population, causing intense heretical offence and injury these days, one may wonder how we regressed several hundred years of advancement so quickly?

Only about 20 miles in distance and 300 years in time away from the Salem witch trials “The End of History..” was declared by Harvard alumni Francis Fukayama. Naughtily he omitted transgender people and women preferring instead to pick upon the last man. These were less enlightened times however, the sisterhood and the coven of cuckly Colins were less powerful so he escaped cancellation and instead became famous. Well, amongst politics geeks anyway.

He neglected to tell us that the triumph of Liberal Democracy would usher in a religious quest to determine which colour of Vagina was the correct one to replace the last man. Is a white vagina sufficient, or should it be mixed race or even… a male one? Whatever that is.

Objectively, you see, Liberal Democracy was a panacea. Money and votes. The religious rules which once separated us from the Apes were not objectively important.

The previous 2000 years had seen the tree good morph into a set of rules or commandments. Following which was for the genetic good of society as whole.

These were then refined with the concept of Grace in the new testament. Namely that merely following the rules yourself was not enough, that you should also assume that others were trying to follow the rules before punishing them. This lead to an even less violent society and the Grace period.

Clearly something went badly wrong in Salem, and has now. Though it is somewhat ironic that the Graceless period likely started around the time that Francis was proclaiming his hubris as the end of history. Behaviour apparently was set in stone.

Behaviour however was already changing.

Where are we really going?

Bike sheds and shoes had now been invented you see. A certain type of Ape valued them both above marriage. The boogeyman, it was taught, was now trying to destroy the trees, and had enslaved all previous generations of shoe collecting apes with his patriarchal rules.

A new good had emerged, one that pronounced shoes and monkeying around to be the path of true happiness. Male Apes were all part of a secret plot to deny these poor slaves the infinte numbers of shoes they richly deserved.

Marriage was slavery. Sexual selection and nurturing of the young… just got in the way

Words had power, and power was personal. Power was to be used to replace the boogeyman’s rules and any who followed them. To which end three spells were constructed.

Weak at first, though gaining in strength as more incanations from higher and higher were made, they presupposed malice. The boogeyman’s success over time immemorial was due to racism, sexism and homophobia. The family unit itself powered entirely by malice and had to be destroyed.

This secretly delighted Colin. By proclaiming his hatred for the boogeyman he could get close to his prey. He’d praise their shoes, use their spells and, when the time was right, overpower them.

How long does it take for cult like behaviour to become Religion?

If you accept the premise that 1965 was when the new boogeyman was created then just over 50 years seems like a reasonable estimate. What we see around us has all the hallmarks of a cult. Cults eventually become religions.

Defined as:


  1. In modern English, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religiousspiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal

So whether that personality, object or goal is St Greta of Doom Goblins, Political Correctness, No Fault Divorce, Human Child Sacrifice in the form of Abortion, Affirmative Action, Transgender bathrooms, the destruction of the family, the collection of shoes, cancel culture, fatherless families, the supposed pay gap, women in STEM or the endless quest for the correctly coloured vagina…. You will find the same type of Ape directing things from a position little different to a Priestess.

The original priestesses from the 1960s have all been diagnosed with various mental disorders, as have half of under 30 year olds of a certain type of Ape.

Oh, and Colin of course.

Don’t believe me? Just try criticising their shoes.

How fast can sexual selection work?

Some chap in Russia decided to breed foxes which are friendly towards humans. This was achieved after just 2 generations, though interestingly the foxes he bred also developed other traits which were attractive to humans. Brightly coloured and patterned coats for instance that don’t exist in the wild.

Fox generations are shorter than human ones , the latter generally be taken to be 20 years. Evolution is popularly assumed to be very slow, though it appears that sexual selection can be almost astonishingly fast. If feminists and other animals were bred to accentuate their hostility to human males, and the boogeyman of course, then one wonders what other traits would emerge?

Another experiment was Calhoun’s mouse utopia where luxury living space and unlimited food were provided with the expectation being that the mouse population would explode until overcrowding became an issue. Instead the mouse populations died out. Not due to hunger, disease or discomfort but because the male mouses lost interest in the females and refused to breed with them. The mouse society suffered a strangely genetic death. An excess of resources under say, Liberal Democracy, may not in the long run be a good thing.

There seems to be considerable evidence that the Social Epistasis Amplification Model (SEAM), basically the human equivalent of those mice, is happening amongst our own population. Sperm counts declining, general intelligence reducing, mutations in the form of mental illnesses increasing and birth rates on the slide too. To understand this effect you could read up on the Academic works of Woodley and Dutton… Or just watch the first few minutes of the film Idiocacy.

Given that cults and religions can form over 50 or 60 years we could already be looking at 3rd generation feminists and other spiteful mutants.

The End of History?

Religions and cults don’t start with a bang, indeed it can sometimes be difficult to discern where or when they did, nor do they die out quickly. Apes and monkeys are amusing precisely because they are not human, but have some human like behaviours.

In the same way as the previous religious order and establishment was overthrown by the relentless mockery of Monty Python and others, so too should the Doom Goblins and boogeyman fearing Priestesses suffer the same fate. But first it has to be formalised.

Throughout genetic human history only about 40% of males have had children, as opposed to 70% of females. That the Doom Goblins and Priestesses are damaging society should by this point be clear, though they are also damaging their own reproductive health as increasingly wise blokes refuse to shag them.

It is rather amusing to look through the dating adverts for late 30s and older women whose body clocks are ticking and see a long list of things that they don’t want, colocated with childish wants such as “Where is my Prince?”. That they mainly appear to be fat, drunken feminist slobs with nothing to offer likely hasn’t ever occurred to them. So it would be a public service to inform them. Mock, not cock is the answer.

Meanwhile cuckly Colin and his rapey chums are our responsibility. Claiming as they do to be the same sex. Any bloke who compromises his values for a low value simian should be mocked relentlessly for it. #CuckLogic should called out for ridicule.

Those who are totally incapable of pair bonding are in many ways fundamentally less human, and certainly have no right to dictate social or economic poicy as they have less of a stake in the future. Yet men pay 70% of the tax and recieve practically no representation in return.

Francis Fukayama was right about one thing, votes and money does equal power. So use your power, particularly your economic power, by refusing to buy woke or feminist supporting products. Refuse to vote for cucks or feminists, though admittedly that doesn’t often leave anyone to vote for in most instances.

Meanwhile you will almost certainly be called racist, sexist, misogynistic or homophobic. Though simply consider this to be the modern equivalent of an Ape flinging their poo at you. If you don’t emerge from a cultural battle which threatens civilisation as we know it with a few scars, then shame on you.

By their own actions and behaviour they will die out, though that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have some fun at their expense in the mean time. Indeed the sooner wokeism / feminism / globalism / ecomentalism is officially declared a religion, the sooner we can identify and distance ourselves from it’s adherents.

Relationship Insurance

The purpose of insurance, according to the Two Ronnies, is for the client to pay the insurer large sums of money. It can however be useful to mitigate future risk.

Some forms of insurance are mandatory, others are merely a personal choice.

So, if you were seeking to mitigate risk in your romantic relationships what would the factors likely be?

Risk Factors

Just as with car insurance the make and model would be a factor. How expensive is it to run? Has it been in previous accidents, has indeed it been regularly serviced? Is it comfortable, or are you always on edge in case it does something unpredictable? What is the potential expense both in emotional and monetary terms if a crash occurs?

Clearly your own history plays a part here too. Just as your driving history offers clues as to your future potential for causing or suffering damage, so too does your prior relationship history. A poor driving history littered with bumps and scrapes indicates that maybe you weren’t able enough in handling your vehicle.

Fundamentally the actuaries would look at your risk factors, compare you to a cohort with similar characteristics, and work out a potential for future damage based upon their histories.

In other words how much have bad relationships caused people like you? It isn’t difficult to find instances where the sums are astronomical.

Since the mid 60s the risks and costs have increased dramatically. The Boomers have a lot to answer for.

What is the potential for damage or loss?

Depends greatly on your current status. A millionaire will likely to be aware of the risk posed by gold diggers, though some young dude living in their mother’s basement might never consider the impact a crash could have on his life and finances, and in particular his future earning potential.

The risks however are actually far greater for your common a garden dude compared to a millionaire. Losing half of your fortune still leaves you with…. A fortune.

The crimp in your finances in 10 or 20 years time due to maintenance, child support and the like is going to be a large percentage of your income. The prospect of losing a home that you don’t even currently own is likely the biggest individual cost, but also consider the damage to your reputation, your freedom and your self esteem from being rinsed in the family and divorce courts.

Indeed the damage to your reputation could be a greater future cost even than the monetary aspects.

Marrying a feminist for instance has reduced one of the biggest male stars in Hollywood, and even a Prince, to objects of ridicule. Having the status of Johnny Depp, or eligible Royalty with a proud military record one day, an unemployable actor, ginger cuck and laughing stock the next.

How to identify risk?

One way is by learning from the great scientists and philosophers who have gone before you. Pre-eminient amongst them…

Being Dana McLendon – featured below – though note that he has a Glock on his hip should a ginger hairdresser called Tiffany turn up.

He is a wise man, he has taken precautions. He quantifies risk, and so should you.

Nobody truly knows what house or rental prices will be in thefuture. Nor what our future earnings will be. We don’t know how many children we might have, nor where on the Hot Crazy matrix the lass doing a convincing impression of being a Unicorn will be in many years time.

The risks then are both front loaded and uncertain. But do they fall equally?





Is this risk a two way street?

It is said that behind every great man there is a great woman, something that I personally hold to still be true. There are however a handful of obvious cases where the opposite has happened. The recently deceased Prince Philip for instance dedicated his life to walking behind her Maj, supporting her, his children didn’t even bear his name. Dennis Thatcher too played a supporting role.

The response from the feminists to these people? Unbridled hate.

The risk then is not a two way street. Even in the extreme circumstances of extremely successful and stable couples who have no lack of resources the man’s reputation is still the target on a one way shooting range.

Quantifying Risk

Just imagine ringing a Relationship Insurance call centre with what you know, or think you know about your current girlfriend…

“Yeah mate, she’s got blue hair, a Gender Studies degree, works for a domestic violence charity and has 4 kids from her previous 4 relationships, though none of the fathers are still in touch with her. They were all bastards apparently. She lives with her mother, says she is 36 and wishes she lived in Birmingham so she could vote for Jess Phillips. “

What do you think your quote would be?

If you are outraged at the amount your car insurance costs as a young dude, imagine how much they might charge you for managing the risk of your relationships?

My guess, it would be an order of magnitude higher, so the wisest financial decision you can ever make might be in understanding the risks involved.

Secret courts, secret police and the MARAC

The principles of Justice…


Are simple enough.

The government as well as private actors are accountable under the law.

Just Laws:
The laws are clear, publicized, and stable; are applied evenly; and protect fundamental rights, including the security of persons and contract, property, and human rights.

Open Government:
The processes by which the laws are enacted, administered, and enforced are accessible, fair, and efficient.

Accessible & Impartial Dispute Resolution:
Justice is delivered timely by competent, ethical, and independent representatives and neutrals who are accessible, have adequate resources, and reflect the makeup of the communities they serve.


Indeed one might even posit that they are fairly obvious. But let us play the horrible mind game where we pretend to be a fat fucking feminist intent upon subverting and destroying these principles to the disadvantage of men… Quite a problem!

It may surprise you to hear that there is already a separate legal system which tries a person, almost always a man, along feminist religious principles in complete secrecy. Enter the MARAC!


Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference.


These were designed by fat fucking feminists in Cardiff back in 2003. Naturally they were only to be used in the most serious of cases, rape and DV initially, to protect those poor women and children who are so utterly oppressed by the Patriarchy or at risk from domestic or sexual violence.

Indeed it appears to be loosely based upon a system designed to finger potential terrorists… A system so successful at such that about 3% of the entire male Muslim population of the UK is now on a terrorist watch list! Which is clearly nonsense. Though does also pose quite a problem for the virtue signalling fat fucking feminists constant claims that 99.9% of the Muslim population is peaceful.

They take 16 different agencies front loaded with graceless feminists in the guise of Women’s Aid, Perfect Rapists ( aka Social Workers) and the Women’s Support Unit. They are obliged to treat any allegation against a man as gospel ( believe the victim) and they are not allowed to disclose any part of this procedure to the subject of such.

Never heard of them huh? Doesn’t affect me? Sounds reasonable? Then read on…


 If >3% of Muslims are considered potential terrorists by a similar system..


Then what proportion of UK based males have been subject to a MARAC without their knowledge?

Let’s take their own figures… 20 every two weeks back in 2007 just a few years after their introduction. Though the number of MARACs has increased by 70% since 2010. Indeed there are now so many that mini-MARACs by phone alone are commonplace as they take up so much valuable Perfect Rapist time and resources..

If we exclude those too old or too young to be subject to such and take the last census’ figures for Cardiff’s population then well over 10,000 Welsh dudes in their capital have been subject to a MARAC, about 1 in 8.

The figures I have seen from another part of the UK make this sound like an underestimate. Indeed this is clearly an underestimate anyway as we didn’t exclude those who are single, gay or factor in that merely having children or being married / cohabiting will massively increase the odds of having been subject to a MARAC. Nor too the assumed prejudice from fat fucking feminists and the gender cleansing police in favour of ethnic minorities and the like.

Basically if you are a stale white male with a normal relationship there is a pretty decent chance that you have been defamed without any knowledge of such.

Any involvement with the police, family courts, have had a relationship end acrimoniously or upset any fat vengedful feminist at any time then more than likely you have…. In fact almost certainly have in many of those scenarios…


Surely safeguarding children and women is a laudable aim?


Oh you naive fool.

What is laudable is that you assume these unlawful congregations of gossipping witches are designed to be used for good and right.. You clearly don’t understand feminism.

As these are used in cases of rape one would correctly suppose that the 5000+ victims of rape gangs in Skipton, Rotherham, Blackpool, Sheffield, Oxford, Halifax, Bradford, Ipswich, London, Telford, Preston, Derby, Torbay, Bristol, Banbury, Chesham, Birmingham, Barking, Blackburn, Rochdale, Leeds, Stockport, Aylesbury, Yeovil, Newcastle, Burton, Accrington, Ormskirk, Manchester, Keighley, Oldham, Peterborough, Dewsbury, Littlehampton, Middlesborough and Slough would have triggered MARACs.

However they were used instead to defame the victims themselves… Note that all or most of the above will have separate Social Services departments..

The poor victims would be left reeling and confused as to why no government agency would hear their cries for help and justice, as they had already been labelled as racist drug abusing prostitues by our wonderful Perfect Rapists. Recall that 16 agencies or government departments are involved, basically all of them. Hence all avenues for help and safety were closed off by a mere edict from the Home Office.

If this can happen to schoolgirls being raped on an industrial scale then I’m sure we can all agree that being judged by a coven of blue haired mastodons who firmly believe that all men are rapists is always going to go swimmingly for you…


Okay… But how does this relate to the Principles of Justice?


Well let’s remember that our little mental game is to attempt to subvert the principles of justice.. So let’s give the problem to an engineer…

“A tricky problem.. Was a three pipe problem in fact..” He muses… “Centuries of common law and the strict adherence to open justice do take some…. ingenuity to subvert.” He says reaching for his pipe. “It will have to be extra-judicial, no point trying to do this through laws as that would involve public scrutiny, or not explicitly so anyway.” He continues.

“So what have you come up with? Let’s take accountability first.”

“Yes, let’s..” says the engineer with a smile, “That was the easiest part. To make it unaccountable we merely keep it secret. Our Perfect Rapists and anyone else trained by the state in feminist principles have been conditioned to always believe the victim, so we merely make that policy from the Home Office. We simply add a confidentiality clause to that, such that anyone subject to a MARAC could never find out without there being some breach of data privacy.”

“Ok I get that…. Simple as you say…. What about Just Laws?”

“Mere incrementalism old boy… Merely add clauses to make the law contradictory, as we did with hate speech, and let the judge decide which side of the law to choose.”

“But what if the judges choose the wrong side? That doesn’t sound like a sound design, leaving things to chance almost.”

“Oh I’ve thought about that and I’m quite proud of my design. I’d like to introduce you to the concept of safeguarding…”

“Sounds fluffy!”

“Yes it is…” he winks knowingly, “Very easy to sell such a.. fluffy as you put it.. term. If there were any media scrutiny. ” He stifles a laugh, “Then the response writes itself.. How could anyone be against safeguarding women or children? The concept and rule here is that anything relating to safeguarding has to be disclosed to the judge.”

“But it will be challenged in court if that happens, that sounds like open justice…”

“Oh no you miss the point. Victim confidentiality means that such things will merely be handed to the judge unquestioned, not raised in open court. No need for evidence old boy, merely accusations or hypotheticals.”

“How on earth do you propose to do that? No lawyer would risk the entire legal system being subverted by secret evidence whispered into a judges ear!”

The engineer almost falls off his chair. Looks at you as though you were a petulant child, fills his pipe and condescends to explain…

“No state barrister or solicitor on £2000 a day will want to win all of their cases you mean? Are you mad? Have you ever met one of them? You think they drive Skodas and shop in Aldi?? Quite the opposite, they will submit such idle gossip or else they will end up on the defence side, and lose all their cases. They will be told that they have a duty to safeguard and submit such errant nonsense, regardless of context. Most of them are male, and quite competitive. They like to win. Anyone who doesn’t… Well the council or police simply contract a different and more…. reliable type… The defence loses 99.9% of all cases in family courts but do you see family law solicitors advertising this fact?”.

“Ok I get it… So basically what you propse is an entirely separate legal system where a chap’s guilt or innocence is decided long before a trial by…. well it’s effetively a different court. A feminist court. And that it’s conclusions are whispered to the judge outside of normal court proceedings such that there is no possibility of a defence? Surely the judges won’t buy this?”

“They already have old boy!” The engineer smirks, “Blair saw to that, purging the judiciary of anyone considered ‘reactionary’.”

“But what if all these agencies at a MARAC don’t reach the conclusion that a chap is a bad type? A bad apple?”

“Oh that is simple… We just add more feminists. Barnados, NSPCC, even the RSPCA should his dog ever have had an accident. They’ll all verge on the side of safeguarding and caution, would rather raise suspicion and cover their own backs just in case he is a potential rapist… As they are convinced that all blokes are anyway.”

The engineer starts to look a little smug.

“So this is basically just giving fat fucking feminists an active role in the judicial system by encouraging them to defame a bloke by whispering to a judge in ways which he will not even be aware of?”  You ponder this… The full horror dawning on you slowly…

“Basically yes. Simple designs are always the best.”  His smugness becomes almost overwhelming..

“So what about marketting, propagation? Also the last principle of dispute resolution?

“Ah yes, they are taken care of.” He enthuses, lighting his pipe and contemplating his creation “Give anyone ‘raising a concern’ a day off work to sit in a room gossipping with other harpies should help, tea and endless cakes provided of course…. Our friends at the Home Office making such things policy and imposing them upon local authorities pretty much closes the loop. You are aware that gossipping is considered a pleasureable activity by certain gender groups are you not? As for dispute resolution, what disputes could there possibly be?

“What if a chap appeals? Challenges the basis for this defamation?”

“And how would he even know about it? You think his ex-wife, girlfriend, GP or state employee tells him about it? He wouldn’t know that his GP was prescribing him drugs such as Mirtazipine to mong him out due to secretly considering him a wife beater, he wouldn’t know anything about the process or details, there is in short nothing whatsoever to dispute. And don’t forget that I designed our Perfect Rapists to be immune from defamation. Whilst a chap might feel unfairly treated he would have no clue why.”

You both sit in silence whilst the engineer contentedly sucks on his pipe.

“So you designed this along feminist lines, such that they could subvert the justice system…” you begin but the engineer interupts you..

“I was merely given a problem to solve. And solve it I have, I think you will agree…”

“But what if this is abused? Such as Rotherham, Telford etc. What if this extrajudicial system falls into the wrong hands, is used politically… I hear that increasing numbers of MARACs are held to investigate the supposedly far right. Even religious groups…”

“My dear chap I can’t be held responsible for how people misuse my designs.” His smugness dented somewhat..

“But is has been misused.” You insist, “What of the victims of Rotherham, how could they possibly seek justice against this state apparatus which destroyed their lives? Defamed them, denied them justice? The entire establishment, all state agencies and media acting in concert against them? What safety valve or recourse have you incorporated to ensure it can’t be misused or abused for political advantage?”

The engineer looks angry. “There was no requirement for one. I merely designed the system as instructed.”

“What is to stop members of political parties leaking such things to media, confidential briefings and the like? Dubious allegations from embittered exes… Hang on….This is happening isn’t it?

The engineer looks worried, “No, no… That isn’t the purpose of this design… It is to protect women and children!”

“And you’ve never met a feminist with a lefty political agenda then?! You don’t think it beyond them to use this and other spurious bollocks to political advantage? To smear their opponents? You don’t think that this resembles a massive spy network and defamation database? ”

The engineer is now staring out of the window, his pipe has gone out and he suddenly looks 15 years older.

“Well that’s a potential problem I admit?” he murmurs…

“Potential problem? Have you read the papers these days? How did the BBC know that Cliff Richard was going to be arrested? Even though he was entirely innocent they had time to hire a helicopter to film it, and that wasn’t even political. Have you not noticed that right of centre politicians are constantly having dubious allegations from their past brought up? Where the hell do you think these come from?

“Well it could be anywhere really… Journalists have their own sources after all.”

“And no one from the 16 agencies, charities and otherwise feminist stocked organisations is ever likely to tip the press off for political advantage or money are they? Meanwhile 95% of those in prison are male, I can’t imagine why! Do you realise that you’ve designed a political police force?”

The engineer squirms…. But doesn’t answer.

“One further question…. What happens if this state apparatus is taken over by some group even more obnoxious or hideous than feminists? What happens if they merely measure a chap’s head and whisper to the judge that he is a Jew for instance? What if feminists are just useful idiots and you’ve designed and implemented a system that the Stasi would be proud of?”

“Feminists assured me that they merely seek equality.” he mutters weakly, now visibly ashen faced…

“So why do they need a system that completely undermines and destroys the justice system, holds a database or potentially useful political smears, targets their political opponents and ensures completely partial and unequal justice for half of the population? Hell next they’ll be making opposition to feminism illegal!”

“Erm…. I also did some work for the EU via Tony Blair.” me mutters apologetically… “You may be interested in section 2E“.


Edit: Brief talky talky on this post…. More to come.


Chaffers and Bray



Talking with Tilbrook

The three most important #NoDeal #Brexit Bombshells contained within the interview

  • The new prime minister could exit the EU immiediately (technically on the 29th of March) merely by conceding Robin Tilbrook’s case in the high court.
  • ‘A couple’ of the Conservative leadership candidates have discussed just this with Robin.
  • If Scotland voted for independence it would bring the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland out of the EU, as the United Kingdom would no longer exist.


Conceding #RobinTilbrooks case


Parliament, the Cabinet, the civil service and the judiciary would have no recourse and no power to prevent this. There could be no legal challenge and no delay, it would mean that we were already out of the EU without a deal thereby saving £40 billion pounds, and also gaining roughly £25 billion per annum tarif revenue which currently goes to Juncker’s brandy fund.


Where do these tarifs come from?


The EU operates a custom’s union, which basically means they control the tarifs on our considerable trade with the rest of the World. For instance if a business wanted to buy a Japanese truck ( they do make excellent ones) then the price would include a 24% tarif imposed by the EU.

This tarif is something that the EU considers to be it’s own resources, an EU stealth tax. Another is VAT, few realise that a proportion of our VAT also funds the EU.

Post no deal brexit however not only do we keep this EU stealth tax for ourselves, which on our RoW trade amounts to over £12 billion, we also collect tarifs on the massive number of imports from the EU. Which would at least match the £12 billion from the RoW trade.

So after a no deal brexit if some Londoner, like thousands of others, buy a BMW or a Mercedes then the exchequer would receive a 10% tariff on the purchase. In other words BMW would be paying some of your taxes for you.


Think of it as a car boot sale…


Currently we pay the EU £18 p/a to be part of their car boot sale. We can wander round the German and French cars buying their tat with no fees but if we want to buy from an American then the fat drunken Belgian on the gate takes 10% and pockets it.

Things are generally much cheaper outside this Belgian field, particularly food and drink, so the fat Belgian makes sure we don’t stray by pocketing huge tarifs on such to ensure the French cars with their poncy fare are competitive.

Take as an example Kenco, which used to be the Kenyan Coffee Company. The fat Belgian imposes such ridiculous tarifs on jars of Kenyan coffee that they can’t make a profit by selling these to British cars. If they didn’t tarif them we wouldn’t buy the more expensive stuff from Nestle etc. The tarifs on raw coffee beans however are low, so to trade with us they have to sell their raw unpackaged coffee to the krauts, who then roast and package it and sell it to us ‘tarif free’. In fact Kenco jars rarely contain any actual Kenyan coffee.

Which means we aren’t being very nice to our Kenyan friends.


So what changes post No Deal brexit?


We have our own car boot sale effectively. As we had for hundreds of years before joining the EU. The chap on the front gate is British and has a sense of decency and fair play.

We don’t pay any fees to another country for our own car boot sale and the eurotrash has to compete with the, much lower, world prices. We still have tarifs for goods that we don’t make and the proceeds from these come off your tax bill.

Buy a British built car and nothing to pay. But whether you buy a French or an American car they pay the same tarif. The fat Belgian no longer pockets £12 billion a year, or our £18 billion entry fee, in fact the European cars that want to trade with us have to pay us. And this would be very significant, £13 billion a year is probably very conservative.

We don’t grow coffee in the UK so what is the point in having tarifs on it? Rather than keeping Germans in work by importing it raw, packaging and marketting coffee the Kenyans themselves can do so and keep the value added to their product. Which means lower prices for us and more money for them. They would control the entire value chain rather than the pittance for merely growing it.

And with the Kenyan coffee stall doing a roaring trade, they’d probably have a look at spending some of their profits on the things which we produce.

Which would be nice.

Gun me down.

Broken ‘pon the Duluth wheel I was, just a couple of years ago.
The smiling snitch with the liar’s itch defamed me don’t ya know.
A state paid feminist, duplicity’s hedonist, my family in her sights.
With remorseless cruelty, and viscious surety gunned ’em down with great delight.

Virgil Caine, not my real name, returned from Afghan’s plains.
For a new life, with my wife, met just weeks before entrained.
From Yorkshire Dales to Banks’ Ales upped and left familial ties.
A government job, domesticity slob, we built and multiplied.


Blood neath my feet, the nation’s peat, made sense to me a yore.
Freedom of speech, naysayers weak, fought and won for centurys fore.
A man’s home his castle, State couldn’t hassle, Equality under the law.
And grace assumed, manners groomed, the pen mightier than the maw.


Well I don’t mind tellin’ you, inquisitive fellow dude, things are not so now.
A knock on the door, a concern du jour, Social worker furrows her brow.
And at that point, responsibility joint, Leviathan follows it’s macabre script.
Lambs to the slaughter, crooked solictor bought for ya, staring at the pit..

Broken ‘pon the Duluth wheel I was, just a couple of years ago.
The grinning snitch with the sadist’s itch destroyed me don’t ya know.
A state paid feminist, duplicitity’s hedonist, my legacy in her sights.
With remorseless cruelty, and viscious surety gunned it down with great delight.

Citizen Caine, backbone strained, from shouldering his manly burden.
Three young horrors, mortgage honoured, no complaints noted or murmured.
Looking forward to, the idyllic view, where nappies and wails no longer bother.
Where I could teach my kin, the simple things my family name always honour.


Lesbian couple annoyed, politically tannoyed, barren science no justification!
That wicked crew, pencil pushers few, smirk their indignation.
A lifestyle choice, politically correct voice, reproductive rights should accrue.
And what of Caine’s worthy name? Flush it down the toilet is what we’ll do!


Split him up, from love’s true cusp, with allegations of infidelity.
Ascertain, in referendum frame, that he has campaigned for brexit posterity.
How court this, bar a fascist’s twist, have any bearing on parental ability?
You are in a game, oh Citizen Caine, where truth an irrelevance and liability.

Broken ‘pon the Duluth wheel I was, just a couple of years ago
The slothlike bitch with the childsnatcher’s itch she raped me don’t ya know
A state paid feminist, duplicitity’s hedonist, wife’s sanity in her sights
Ethnic cleansing efficiently, with viscious surety, gunned it down with great delight.


Frasier Caine, yes he was a pain, held to ideas of truth and right.
The judge will hear, don’t worry my dear, for this is an easy fight.
He did not bear, state silenced fear, others knew of family courts.
Friendly name, assumed fair game, ignorant to the blackout like a dork.


His cries of perjury, produced nil empathy, bored twisted comprador souls.
Who’ve heard it all, and seen it all, casual to the pantomime like ghouls.
Intellectualised, the evil that lies, is impossible to behold.
For one impressed, even to duress, that British justice to be bold.


And what of you, humble correspondent’s view, should make this sad old news?                No smoke without fire, secret defamation is higher, would likely be your view.             First they came for me, and my family to be, no concern of yours.                                    Until that shrew, with doom scripted anew, knocks upon your door.


Broken ‘pon the Duluth wheel she was, too many years ago.
A foster child’s plight, dealer and parlour’s delight, they don’t do well ya know.
A state made feminist, fatherless predicates, future prospects not so bright.
With remorseless cruelty, and viscious surety was gunned down to Blair’s delight.


I’d rather be Abel, Cain’s hand is unstable, no dreams live in the land of Nod.                        Countenance thee, child of me, only maybe by the side of God.                                                No redress for me, the PTSD, keeps me from the fight.                                                           And the smug bitch free, more evil destiny, no law she has not trod.


Cheerfully, and casually, the cunt called me up one night.                                                   Son’s doing great, oh except three days late, when happened he almost died.                       My angry tone, she put down the phone, it never bothered to view him safe.                         Police report, she who fear no tort, as abuse from an ingrate.


We must break the Duluth wheel you know, ere child’s lives be slaved.          Sanctimonious power, Rotherham’s deflower’d, also caught the bitches’ racist gaze.            Kill the feminists, don’t negotiate with terrorists, too far but can you blame?                   For you and thee, a mere poem will see, and gun me down unfazed.


The Epitaph of Combat

In the epitaph of combat,
Only Terry’s names abound.
In the bittersweet hereafter
The very finest sound.
I counted them out and I counted them in
Their faces were profound
I waited on them like Gunga Din
An honourable task I found

In the pitch black Afghan nightime
The stories flew around
Of weight and kneehigh quagmires
A battle with the very ground
Of airbursts and Dushkas
Bombs and small arms rounds
No ten dollar Taliban these
Tenacious as starving hounds.

In the hindsight of safety
The boys knew they’d won a round
The bout continues, the fight goes on
Could be for the very same mound
No regrets said the young Private
No action of mine was unsound
In the epitaph of combat
No sweeter is the sound.

The poor poorer and the rich richer

People are bright!


They intuit that which they cannot fathom. They might not be able to do a multi variant analyses of the underlying causes, and therefore often blame the wrong things, though their intuition expressed as feeling is rarely wrong.

So what do we make of the constant refrain that seems to echo through time?


For whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even what he has. 

Matthew 13:12


The scapegoats


And there are many.

You will find blue haired mastodons screaming abuse at everything from bankers to politicians. Multi national corporations to agri-tech.

And chinless public school cucks blaming the feckless lower, than them, classes to immigrants. Schools to the overly generous, shallow laughs permitted, social security.

An oversimplification of a massive topic might be that the left blames a rigged system, and the right the inherent inability of those they distain from being able to steal as much money as themselves.


Define Poor


Well let me first state that I don’t see this being entirely about money. Intuition does not follow the same spreadsheet formulas in use by those distanced from it.

So let’s define poorer more broadly, as fewer opportunities for personal advancement or choice; a greater struggle for meaning or fulfillment; a state of desperation.

Clearly this definition spreads the net far wider than mere economics.


Define Rich


“Money may not make you happy, but at least you can choose the colour of your misery.” Quipped some millionaire or other. Money is an enabler, it allows good men to do good things and bad men to do bad things. It is entirely neutral spiritually.

Indeed I suspect we all consider some people to have rich lives irrespective of their socioeconomic status. Similarly some extremely wealthy people appear to wallow in misery despite their resources.

If we take a leaf from those dissafected English terrorists who the Gumps wrongly think of as Americans ( they only became American several years after the Declaration of Independence, after the treaty of Paris specifically) then their constitution gives a decent precis for richness.

We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; …


What does the persuit of happiness look like?


Well we could tax our grey matter in general terms on this, but it is an individualistic thing. Or we could tax our purple matter and ask our knobs.. Which is both more amusing and more revealing.

Granted the answer may come back as two Swedish bisexual supermodels on a weekend in Las Vegas. Which only begs the question of what would the persuit of happiness would look like from penis height after a few gullible individuals have believed your lies about such.

And I think the answer is rather old fashioned in many ways. Once said Swedish supermodels have been ticked off the universal bucket list the ambition for most remains a family and monogamous lifelong relationship; the resources to raise your children and eventually retire in reasonable comfort to reminisce about Swedish supermodels.


So why do we all think the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer?


Hypergamy basically.

Defined as:

the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.

Women are hypergamous. Always have been.

An interesting exercise is to have a look through women’s dating profiles for those childless somewhat long in the tooth and short of body clock. No matter how hideous, poorly educated or fat they all appear to think they deserve a prince!

Men rate women’s attractiveness on such as a perfect bell curve, the average being a 5/10. Women on the other hand rate men such that they consider 93% to be below averagely attractive. With no 10/10s at all.

It was once said that Tory MPs had sex scandals and Labour MPs had financial scandals.. As they were hoping to steal enough cash to have a sex scandal. So this isn’t restricted to social spheres.

Nor the physicality of location, due to internet dating mostly.




Affects every aspect of a chap’s persuit of happiness.

Whether your knob, your wallet or the wider macro economics the strange and malign confluence of fascistic feminism with the pre existing hypergamic culture has reduced many chap’s pussy persuits to practically zero.

As feminist teachers undermark boy’s coursework at school we see fewer boys growing up to be graduate men. Which has already resulted in almost 2/3rds of recent graduates being female. Putting half those females out of hypergamic reach.

As feminists lobby for higher paid and easier jobs for women it leaves men with the lower paid 3D ( Difficult, Dangerous or Dirty) jobs, and puts those better paid women out of hypergamic reach of them.

As feminists lobby for ever more ridiculous prosecutions against men, and longer sentences too, it leaves more men with criminal records to be scorned by hypergamic women. The prison gender gap is already 20.6 men to every woman and growing.

Meanwhile those tall, educated and rich enough to pick and choose gain a second high earner so the disposable income generated is considerable. At least until she files for no fault divorce, steals his house, assets and children and ruins his life for no good reason.

But even here hypergamy works overtime. The now poor bloke has to wine dine and chase, which as George Harrison put it, “Take’s a whole lot of spending money”, where the divorced woman is wined, dined and chased.

Course it also results in the mad old cat ladies who now seem to be giving up any idea of procreating, despite being in their early 40s.


The ratio


In wiser days women were paid less than men for the same work. Hence allowing even their mere peers to have a sniff.

With women’s net hourly wages increasingly overtaking men’s (certainly true for the under 30s) let’s have a look at the ratio of women available to three hypothetical blokes.

Bloke A is a tall grad with his own house. He basically has the pick of the field, though may well simply pick the best set of tits unintentionally leaving another cat lady in his wake. And depriving the other tiers of a potential mate in the process.

Ratio 1:1. Combined disposable income ~£30,000 p/a

Bloke B dropped out of Uni and works in a call centre. The 50% of women who graduated are beyond him, as are the feckless feminists promoted ahead of him for their ‘superior communication skills’ – otherwise known as nagging and getting someone else to do their work for them.

So he might be reasonable in thinking that 1/3 of the availble pussy is possible. But he competes with the myriad other blokes in a similar position, and those from the A tier. This third of women probably has to choose between realistically 2/3s of them men. Let’s be generous here…

Ratio 6:1 Combined disposable income ~£5,000 p/a

Bloke C is short, ginger and works in a 3D job at not much above minimum wage. All of the University grads, all of the better paid safe and comfy job females are out of sight. He’s left with the thick, lazy or unsuccessful. And competes with the tiers above him for even their affections.

Ratio: 20:1. Combined disposable income ~ £bugger all.


The Punchline


Sadly this isn’t comedy.. Standing in line to be punched in the dick is probably a good analogy for our young dudes on their way to finding out that the poor do indeed get poorer. And I cite this objectively for the underclass. The extreme end is called the Incel movement… Involunarily celibates. They deserve our compassion and action, but receive nothing but mockery.

Take the sad wretches described in Orwell’s Road to Wigan Pier (1937). Their economic prospects were undeniably poor, their lives tough and their plight only covered by a chinless socialist snob on a jolly. Who incidentally only studied them, like ants, to determine why they were too stupid to revolt.

The nation they built though was capable of great things, as we discovered against an Austrian dude of historical significance just a few years after the tome hit the posh bookstores. Their labour and the coal they dug powered the nation during the war and they reaped the benefits of the technology developed during it to lead happy retirements, surrounded by their grand children.

Whilst routinely displaying feats of strength and endurance probably beyond our athletes these days their pussy prospects were no worse than any other generation before.

These same, usually socially conservative, voices were the ones betrayed by no fault divorce and other feminist nonsense.. Robbing future generations of the only thing that adequately aleviates a life of poverty.

Consider too the poor drudges who emigrated here, or their grown up children. Have a look at the wallflowers next time you are out in a nightclub and you’ll notice a clear trend. Whilst Londoners salivate over the notion of signalling their virtue by dint of having a black lass clean their bog they don’t marry them…

In group preference in sexual partner is neither controversial nor arguable, the statistics are stark.

So next time you hear of a Muslim terrorist attrocity consider why a young dude with few prospects other than his cousin might blow up a concert for young girls, or indeed why so many school shootings in the USA are attributed to Incels.

Maybe the two are more… intimately.. linked than you realise?